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luciferxdamien: (Horny Devil)

Chasing the Great White Kraken~

~Mooning over Men in Tights~

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Created on 2011-12-22 04:49:14 (#1182121), last updated 2017-04-16 (105 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 23
Location:United States of America

Come one, come all! You won't be disappointed, I assure you~

Now for some otherwise glib information about myself.

I love to write. Why else would I be here? I do both fanfiction and original fiction. Porn is my thing and is usually what I tend to write. Usually, not always. I can't write porn all the time. I'd get bored of it. =X I don't believe in limiting myself to just one fandom or genre, but I do tend to write darker, smuttier stuff. What can I say? My muses like it that way. I can be pretty dark when the mood hits me, but I can be pretty damn fluffy too. I tend to go for happier endings and well...character death hurts me, so you shouldn't be seeing to much from that. Now hurt/comfort...I do so like the hurting and then the comforting. :3

My current top three obsessions at the moment:

Superman/Batman (Basically the DC Universe), Nathan/Charles (Metalocalypse), AlucardxAnderson (Hellsing)

Spelling pet peeves:

Lose and loose. It's not hard people, really, it's not. Here, I'll prove it: You LOSE your keys. Bruce Wayne lets LOOSE his killer Great Dane, Ace, on anyone that steps foot on his property. See the difference? And the second definition of loose: Clark Kent wears LOOSE fitting suits. Obviously if you're on this site, you have the internet. Use if you're unsure. You'll be a better writer for it.

Two, to, and too: Two is a NUMBER. To is TO GO. Too is TOO MUCH or ALSO. They are NOT interchangeable. That means you can't use which ever one you want, they have different meanings.

The differences between slash and yaoi:
Slash uses a SLASH between the names, yaoi uses an X. It's really quite self-explanatory. The order of the names matter. Really, it does. The FIRST name is the TOP or SEME in the relationship. The SECOND name is the BOTTOM or the UKE in the relationship. See, was that so hard? And another thing: Don't use yaoi terminology for slash. If it's slash you don't call them seme and uke. You just don't. Yaoi is yaoi and slash is everything else. Can't tell you all how annoying it is for people to mix their slash and yaoi. They don't mix, they're two different things. Apples and oranges, if you will.

A word from the wise:
Acting dumb isn't cute, it's annoying. Run spell check. If it's three diggity in the morning and you haven't proof-read your story, don't post it. Use periods and commas. Format your stories so they are READABLE. No one likes a giant block of text on their screen. Even worse is when it appears to be one giant-ass run-on sentence. We have grammar for a reason. Use it. Use the bloody hell out of it, please. Spell check is your FRIEND. Use your friend, use it like there's no tomorrow, people will thank you if you do. Read the warnings before you start reading something, you'll save yourself some brain hurt. They ARE there for a reason. To warn you...Hummm...A warning to warn you about something you may not like...Ain't that just the bees knees? The only exception to the grammar and spelling rules is Metalocalypse, but then they have their own set of grammar. Oh and I guess Hellsing...what with all those accents...

An all but obvious statement by this point:
I am snarky and have no qualms about speaking my mind. But I AM polite and capable of being nice to people if I feel like it. I believe in constructive criticism and if I leave a review, you can bet that's what I will try to give. You cannot have good without bad and you really shouldn't expect every person on the planet to love your stories. I know I don't~ Anyone who trolls sites like this just to leave flames and defamatory remarks is pathetic. If you're going to express your disappointment, do it politely, in English...and run spell check.

Feeding your authors:
Authors love to be fed. Feeding them ensures they live. If you like a story, feed your author; leave them a review. It doesn't have to be complex or detail every little thing. Something simple will do, saying you liked it is usually enough to put a smile on my face, anything more...well, that might just get me grinning like a moron. That's a good thing. Happy authors and fed authors tend to write more. Fed authors also tend to not be dead due to starving to death.

I admit...I update rarely but I never abandon a story. Even if it's been a really long time...say over a year, I WILL finish it...It just...might take awhile longer. Begging for updates will get you no where, I assure you. I can only write as much as my muses allow...and they do so love to abandon me. Don't worry, I'm working on a faery net to catch those damn things and stick them in a jar...Then I plan on shaking the jar up and watching them go TINK TINK TINK against the glass. :3 Like Navi in Zelda games. And I find quality over quantity is always best. I won't post a story until I feel it's beyond perfect. Perfection is time consuming.

Pen names, other sites, etc.:
Here is a list of other sites I post my works and the pen names I use at those sites. If you find my works posted somewhere not listed with a different pen name, please let me know, tis only polite. Plagiarism is bad, M'kay?

ToInsanitysEnd: and and


LuciferxDamien: and Y! and My LiveJournal and and World's Finest Slash Archive (For Superman/Batman only)


I THINK that's all of the sites I post my stories on. If not, I'll remember eventually~

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